Stolen & Escaped Gallery is a small contemporary art gallery focusing mainly on experimental and science-based art. The goal of Stolen & Escaped Gallery is to provide a space for artists to show experimental works without regard to the commercial viability of the artist or the art.


Amanda Hurtado and partner Matt Black are the owners of Stolen & Escaped Gallery. Amanda works full-time at a local online shopping company for money to spend on owning a gallery. Matt Black is a filmmaker and freelance commercial editor and producer. The two share an office in the gallery and are Stolen & Escaped Gallery’s best customers to date.


Stolen & Escaped Gallery is located at 177 East Broadway in the basement of Frosty Darling.


Stolen & Escaped Gallery opens a new show to coincide with the city wide Gallery Stroll on the 3rd Friday of every month. In addition, the gallery is open to visitors during Frosty Darling’s regular business hours. Gallery sales hours are by appointment.


…to buy art:

To buy a piece of art from Stolen & Escaped, come to Gallery Stroll or contact Amanda Hurtado to make a sales appointment: (cell) 415-624-9093 (email) stolenandescaped@gmail.com

…to submit art for consideration:

Email Submissions: send an email to stolenandescaped@gmail.com containing a link to your website which should include examples of your current work. In lieu of a website, we will also accept a maximum of 10 images and an artist statement and/or resume not to total more than 5mb.

Mail Submissions: send a cd of your most current work containing a minimum of 10 examples with an artist statement and/or resume to Stolen & Escaped Gallery 177 East Broadway SLC, UT 84111. If you want the cd returned to you, please also include a self-addressed stamped envelope. Slide submissions are not accepted.


Because we like it.

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