Liberty Blake Collages

This month Stolen & Escaped is proud to present a phenomenal collection of collages by Liberty Blake.

The show opens this Friday evening for Gallery Stroll and will run through August 13th. Don’t miss it!

About the Artist:

Liberty Blake is from England. She studied at Bath Academy of Art and West Sussex College of Art and Design, where she focused mainly on figurative painting. She has had work shown in the National Portrait Gallery as part of BP’s portrait award show and in The Mall Gallery, London. Numerous portrait commissions have placed her work in private collections internationally.

In 1997 Liberty came to Utah, and spent four years teaching art, and selling her work at the Art Shack at Sundance Resort. In 2007 she was involved in the 337 Project, for which she created a large abstract collage using hand made paper. More recently she has created large murals at the Leonardo for the Body Worlds exhibit, and also for The Rose Establishment.

Liberty’s current work continues the process developed for the 337 Project, but on a smaller scale. “I wanted to work really small, but use the same abstract collage techniques. I love the texture of paper, the way the colors change when they are layered, some becoming quite translucent. I would describe the work in this show as abstract studies focusing on color inspired by: antique weaving and textiles; local geography and landscape; incidental marks and worn surfaces.”

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